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Gears for driving, backpacking and riding (PC, GPS, iPhone, maps, mountain and riding shoes, gloves,  detergent, etc. ) are ready to go in my vehicle for my hobby. Just lunch is only required.

   Originally I like mountain backpacking  since I was young. Lately I started bicycle riding. Then I went around Japan so often with my mountain gears and bicycle since I retired. I have been in North America for almost 14 years as an expatriate employee. At that time my English was not so good but I got guts to speak English without fear. However I enjoyed to keep company with local people, even though I could not introduce Japanese culture and history very well to them. Therefore I studied English, Japanese culture and history. Then finally I got the certificate for a national guied.

Would you travel in Japan with me. I will help you.

Walking guide and riding guide are also available.