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Introducing Japan

     In this page, I introduce several websites that tells you about Japanese culture, history, and Japanese people themselves, where and how you may like to go inside Japan. And also I introduce you World Heritage sites in Japan, National Parks of Japan and pre-guidance of Japan. 

Japan is divided into eleven districts(chiho).  And each district is divided into prefectures. This map shows names of each prefecture and its capitals. And my main working area is Tochigi prefecture, because I live in there. Of course I will go anywhere in Japan at the request of a client. So please contact us then I will prepare for you. 

Tochigi Prefecture

   Tochigi prefecture, where I was born, is on the main island of Honshu, and its capital, Utsunomiya is about 100km north of Tokyo. Nikko National Park is located in this prefecture and it has not only many historical and cultural sites but also beautiful scenery and many hot-spring resorts as well.