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Places I have visited

 I like traveling in Japan very much and also taking pictures. Most of time I went wandering somewhere in Japan when I had a time. This photo book introduce you places that I have visited. I would like you to enjoy it and I hope you will be more interested in Japan.

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* Recently I was aware that Ashikaga Flower Park where I have visited in 2013, April was chosen by CNN as one of the "Dream Destinations for 2014".  Click here to see their article. They said in their article as followed with picture. I would like you to watch my photo book on the right top, also.   

    Eighty kilometers from Tokyo, the park offers an otherworldly experience -- its 143-year-old wisteria looks nearly identical to "Avatar's" spiritual Tree of Souls, with purple flowers cascading to the ground. The city of Ashikaga has also the oldest school in Japan, an art museum and several historic and scenic spots. I will project a private tour soon.    

The fairy tale experience continues with vibrant wisteria trellises extending for a thousand square meters. Others species, such as the rare Golden Chain, dangle in full bloom along dreamy tunnels.                      

Beautiful Japan

This album introduce you scenic locations in Japan I have visited.


Ashikaga Flower Park

This flower park mainly displays many wisterias. More than two hundred year old tree is displayed.

(Ashikaga, Tochigi)  *


I went the Southern Island of Kyushu in 2014. The  largest Caldera in the world is located in Aso-Kuju Nat'l Park. 

                                                             (Aso, Kumamoto)

Tobu World Square

There are many famous miniature Building in the word such as The White House, Todaiji-Temple.

(Nikko, Tochigi)

Shimanami Kaido

These bridges connects Honsyu and Shikoku. They have a cycling road, so we can enjoy scenery safely .

(Setonaikai Nat'l Paerk)

Cycling around Lake Inawashiro & Lake Hibara

Cycling is one of a style of sightseeing. It is great if it is not rain. 

(Bandai Azuma Nat'l Park) 

Mediofond in Yatsugatake

on 2012. They picked  me up because I spent more time which had been set up.

 Mediofond in Yatsugatake

on 2013. I successfully completed the course that year., because I trained very much  

Horseback Archery

At Nikko Toshogu shirne on May 17th, 2015. A historical ceremony continued more than 300 years.

Tour for Tohoku

12 days travel for Mountains, lakes and National parks in Tohoku district sleeping in my vehicle.