A Cycling Tour in Utsunomiya city

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   Utsunomiya city is a prefectural capital of Tochigi Prefecture. The city is famous for it's Gyoza (Chinese dumpling), Jazz, Lemon milk, and tuff. From 1992, the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race hosted by Utsunomiya city is taken place in the city once a year. Top athletes in the world attend this race every time.

   This cycling tour will go around many tourist attractions such as Oya-Ishi tuff resource center, Oyaji Temple, Statue of Goddess Kannon, Chuches made from Oya tuff, The square of Utsunomiya ruins, Futaarasann Jinja Shrine, Kirasse Gyoza Restaurant, and Folk handcraft shop.  

You can ride a route of the Japan Cup on your request.

If you have some special requests, please contact us through the inquiry. ↓