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You may know Japan much more.

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 Some site show you about Japanese culture, history, common life, places to see, maps and so on. So you can learn Japanese a lot.

  1. Japan : the official guide          The Official Guide from Japan National Tourism Organization                     
  2. Discover the spirit of Japan      This is the best information that I really recommend.  
                   About 20seconds required until open a screen.   
  3. Att. Japan                                 General Japanese Information in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. 
  4. Japan Web Magazine                General Japanese Information                
  5. japan-guide,com                       General Japanese Information
  6. Japanese World Heritage          UNESCO introduce Japanese world heritages. 
  7. The expedition                          New project from the Environment ministry.   
  8. Japan Rail Pass                      I strongly recommend you. Traveling in Japan can be cheap.
  9.                                                 You must buy it in your country before you leave.your 

Todai-ji Temple

in Nara

Yakusi-ji Temple

in Nara 

Kinkakuji Temple

in Kyoto

Horyu-ji Temple

in Nara