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A Private Tour in NIKKO

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Nikko is one of the national parks in Japan and also one of the world heritage sites as I mentioned on the top of this home page. There are many beautiful scenery and historical sites around this area. In addition, many hot spring resorts and attractions. If you can stay two or three days, I would recommend to enjoy Oku-nikko which is the depths of Nikko. There are many hiking fields, climbing mountains, water falls, hot springs, But if you have not enough time for sightseeing in Nikko, I recommend a bicycle tour in Nikko. You  can enjoy a day trip from Tokyo and experience a part of Japanese history. But Toshogu Shrine is now repairing on a large scale.

A cycling tour in photo book to Nikko

The second recommendation of cycling tour in Tochigi prefecture. You may know an outline of the tour through this photo book.You can easily go there by yourself, but if you need a tour guide, please do not hesitate to contact us. I hope you enjoy Nikko.  Click here, and a Slide show will start automatically. 

You can walk from the station to Shrines and Temples, but a bicycle expand your range. Time was not included during a tour inside of the facilities.