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A Cycling Tour in MASHIKO

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 Mashiko is a town of potters. Increasing inbound tourists are overbrimming in the Golden Rout that is west side of Japan including Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, Osaka, etc. But why not join our local tour?.    

The Cycling tour in Photo book to MASHIKO

 Would you join our new guided tour to MASHIKO the town of pottery?

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     First of all, we set up a tour to MASHIKO town. MASHIKO is one of the most famous pottery town in Japan along with HAGI (Yamaguchi prefecture) and ORIBE (GIHU prefecture). There are as many as 350 potteries and about 50 ceramic shops. And the city also has many cultural assets dotted around the town. Many of them date back to Muromachi or Kamakura period.   continue to the next page.

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