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Travel style we recommended

   There are a lot of travel styles people enjoy. Someone like walking or bicycle riding. And someone like driving. How about you? There are a lot of opportunity to know Japanese culture, history, people, and wonderful scenery. However, our recommendation is walking or bicycle riding in Japan because I think that it is supposed to increase opportunity to obtain your goal of  travel to Japan whatever your goal is. And a private group within four persons has large degrees of freedom. We introduce you good places one by one where you discover Japan by walking or riding tour or something else. It is also our favorite travel style.

Our private tours projected

      Our private tour programs are specially made for international tourists speaking English and are usually conducted by foot, bicycles, or buses running routine services. At first, the destinations of the tours are set up within our local area that is Tochigi prefecture because I was born in there and have lived there for more than fifty years. Tochigi prefecture is blessed with rich nature such as Nikko National Park and Mount Nantai. It also has important historical and cultural heritages. Every year many visitors come to enjoy its nature and historical sites. Lately Nikko area has been designated as the World Heritage Site named "Shrines and Temples of Nikko". I hope you enjoy there.

     Our programs are designed for international tourists with two to five members of groups or families, or couples. I'm going to increase destinations of our programs around there one by one and introduce them step by step.  We chose MASHIKO town as our first recommendation for you. And then we will add destinations such as NIKKO city, Utsunomiya city, Ashikaga city, and Tochigi city, and so forth.


Pottery Town

(Saimyou-ji temple)

NIKKO city

National Park

Would Heritage Site

(Horse back archery)


Ashikaga School and

The Flower park


Old Storehouse Town

coming soon!


  City of bicycle, Jazz

and Chinese dumpling

   Watarase Yusuichi


  coming soon

            Tanada (terraced paddy fields)

        coming soon




       coming soon